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iconaddicts's Journal

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Icon Addicts: Journal Jewelry
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Frequently Asked Questions  ~  Request An Icon

This community was created by kielle and is kept going by awshucks in her memory.

(New? Have a question? Read the FAQ and follow the rules below.)

Now enough of that -- we're here to have fun! Do you like to make LiveJournal icons (aka userpics) so much that your friends beg you to stop clogging their Friends-list? Or do you just love looking at and/or using 'em? Come on in!

The Rules:

  • No requests. Got an icon request? Take it to iconrequests. Don't ask for any kind of additional work to an icon here in this community; you cannot ask for an alteration to an icon in a separate post, and you cannot ask someone to make you a completely new icon here. Icon artists: DO NOT fulfil icon requests here, unless it's to an icon you posted and on the exact post. Both requesting and fulfilling can result in warnings or BANNINGS. We do not permit requesting of other items, such as "Does anyone have icons of ____?" "Does anyone have a picture of ____?" "Does anyone know where I can find a picture/icon of ____?" If you're looking for an icon, why not try browsing the sites of our members, as listed below?
  • Do not lurk. You must either post icons, discuss 'em, use 'em, flatter 'em, or share ideas. Just participate a bit.
  • Respect others. Be polite. Ask if you take an icon. Don't steal fanart, copywritten images (especially Neopets), personalized icons, or users' photos. And respect the moderators! Regarding fan art, we hope that you have enough respect to use images with the artists' permission. However, if you do not have permission and the artist wants the icons taken down, we will work with the artist fully and completely to achieve a satisfactory end to the use of their art in this community.
  • Stay on-topic. That includes no polls, no begging for LJ codes, no "headers" or images for layouts, and no Friends Only banners. Iconaddicts is for ICONS. Don't ask someone to make you a background, AIM icon, or a Friends Only banner. If you're not talking about icons, then don't post in here.
  • No illegal activities. Useful though they may be (!), please don't openly request/swap registration codes and/or cracked programs here. If you recommend downloading programs like Adobe Photoshop and Jasc's Paint Shop Pro to community members, you will most likely get a warning or even a banning. Downloading software that costs money, or cracks to make a trial program work past its expiration date, are illegal. According to the Livejournal Terms of Service, Section XVI, Number 13: members agree to not use the service for promoting or providing instructional information about illegal activities. We really can't emphasize this enough.
  • Shortcut large batches. If you post more than three icons at once OR any non-icon graphics (larger than a single icon), please copy and paste the following line right before the images in your post:

    <LJ-CUT TEXT="put any text you like here">

    You may also close this tag with </LJ-CUT> and write more in your entry.

In reply to frequent questions, yes we do allow:
  • Questions about icon creation. Having trouble outlining your text? Curious about those new tiny "bitmap" fonts? Wondering how to do a certain effect? Needing guidance about animating an icon to fit under the 40kb Livejournal requirement? Getting frustrated with your current program and wondering about finding a new program? We might be able to help you. But also feel free to browse other communities like psp7_beginners, paint_shop, creaticon, icon_help, icon_tutorial and websites like DaFont for fonts and vbrush for brushes. Also, some communities have helpful icon-making hints in their Memories section, so try browsing around some of the icon communities here on Livejournal.
  • Adult icons. However, when posting above PG-13, please link or use the LJ-CUT (above) so minors don't get in trouble and members can log in from work. Also, warn when posting "adult" icons, so that people will know what they're getting into if they click the link. ;)
  • Anti-something icons. Any "anti"-something icons MUST be put under an lj-cut with a disclaimer describing the content. See above for information on how to add a cut-tag into your entry.
  • Promotion of other icon communities. Moderators or members of other icon communities are permitted two posts promoting the community or something regarding it per month.
  • Offers to create icons. Though we don't allow requests, you can offer your services when you're in the mood.
  • Exclusives. Show off any you've made! Just be clear about which ones are off-limits.
WARNING: Violations will be deleted; violators will be banned.

iconaddicts operates under a two-strike system: 1st violation: first warning; 2nd violation: banning.
Moderators reserve the right to ban users who show horrible conduct without any prior warning(s).
Bannings and warnings can only be overturned by awshucks, the owner of this community.

Sister Groups:

  • adopt_me = Got nifty yet unclaimed icons? Post here for a second chance.
  • creaticon = For icon-makers to discuss techniques and ideas. No requests.
  • iconrequests = Uniting those who need to ask and those who like to customize.
  • ljdesigners = Beyond icons -- tackle themes and other LJ design elements.
  • originalicons = Icons designed from scratch. Members chosen by "portfolio."
  • shinythings = Post really pretty images without making 'em into icons. ;)

    Other Icon Communities: digitalscarring ~ animeicons ~ book_icons ~ doll_makers ~ ewanicons ~ gothicons ~ _iconcrap_ ~ iconcritique ~ icon_masters ~ iconopoplicious ~ icons ~ iconsforlj ~ icons_r_us ~ i_contest ~ icon_whores ~ ihearticons ~ lotricons ~ satisfaction ~ yummi_icons

    Members' Icon Pages:

  • _impulse by m0rtified
  • _liveforever by inside
  • aibi by solookup
  • Alba's Icons by ladycolleen
  • amypluscharlie's Icon Page
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  • To be on this list: Join IconAddicts, create an icon page (icons there must be your own work or archived with the artists' permission), and post the URL to the community. Hello and welcome aboard!

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